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Outcomes for ParentsPEP has delivered consultancy and sales and management training for 25 years. We always try to understand the needs of the clients we work with and to provide support where it can most help them to achieve their aims for people development and commercial results. We have some experience in the independent school sector and recognise that there are growing pressures on leaders within schools to maintain pupil levels and to support teaching staff who are in the front line of dealing with ever more demanding parents.

NEW for 2018

Customer Care for schools and colleges.

For the past 12 months we have been developing a programme of coaching and training which supports schools who are facing the challenges of attracting and retaining pupils.  This has now had its first great success at Edge Grove, an independent prep school in Hertfordshire, whose Headmaster, Ben Evans says:

The success of our programme, we call it Edge Grove Care, has been to ensure that every member of our team: academic, administration and estates management, now fully appreciate that we all have a role in providing parents with the best possible experience in their relations with the school. Additionally, we all now understand how best to deal with the full range of staff/parent interaction.

PEP Business School worked with us to ensure that the programme was a good fit with our own circumstances and were very flexible in responding to the needs of a busy timetable

Providing a sound education process is what Headmasters and SLTs do.

Parents rightfully assume complete professionalism in terms of education delivery, yet increasingly they expect so much more:

  • Immediate access to you and your teaching staff
  • Rapid responses to emails and phone calls
  • Personal contact and specific updates regarding their child

The areas that delight parents are not always within the classroom. It will be the small and more personal things that create an impact with them. These should be planned and not serendipitous events.

Retention of pupils and the attraction of new starters is clearly critical in providing strong revenue streams to support ongoing investment. By far the most effective marketing available to you is from current parents who will want to spread good news about their child, and this means positive dinner party conversations and social media chat about your school.

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