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Business Performance - Focus on Motivation, Delegation and Empowerment

Business Performance - Focus on Motivation, Delegation and Empowerment May 20, 2014 by Mike Henshaw

Some people think that you need lots of luck to succeed in business. Maybe you start at the right time, or you just get lucky!

This is a misconception. Businesses rarely succeed through luck alone. Most have done the right stuff at the right time. The tough question is, ‘what are those things and how do I know to do them?’

Management control is vital. Managers need to learn how to delegate work, how to motivate and empower the teams to perform at the bets level each person can. This is a skill, so it can be learnt.

Commit to an approach that drives your team forward. Recruit carefully, appraise performance regularly and coach and train each individual to be ‘the best that they can be’.

Create achievable targets and reward achievement in ways that motivate each individual. Get to know your people and provide rewards that have a value.

Research your market so that you can plan for the good times and be ready for a downturn in demand.

These are simple business areas, but if you keep a focus on these points you will find yourself being lucky in business more often.

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