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Parts Department Sales Process - Focus on our Parts Sales Process

May 20, 2014 by Mike Henshaw

Whoever invented the word Aftersales? Oh how I wish we had agreed on something different!

Being in Aftersales , or ‘after the sale’ has always allowed Parts Department to supply what they are asked for, but rarely to offer any more than the customer (internal or external) requests.

If we ask most Parts Departments, ‘do you have a sales process?’ they will look at you as though you’ve just landed from Mars!

The truth is everyone has a sales process. It might be, ‘just the way they do it’, or, ‘the way Joe showed me when I started’. The problem is, there is no real understanding or consistent approach.

If a Sales Process is proven to be more successful in Sales Department, then why not use the same approach elsewhere?

The truth is that most Parts Departments do have some processes, but there is a need to understand them, make them consistent and then train them. I guess we all see the success a sales process has in a Mac Donald’s burger restaurant? We all do as we are told and happily pay our money over.

If you work in Aftersales, or have an interest or responsibility for the area, go ahead and check out the courses that we have prepared to help Parts people, sell in Aftersales.

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