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Parts Department ‘Up Selling’ Sales Process - Focus on Parts Sales Process

May 20, 2014 by Mike Henshaw

You will only get what you ask for!

A statement that is so true of most automotive Parts Departments. The phone rings or the buzzer goes on the counter and most Parts people go ahead and provide the answer to the question, ‘have you got one of these?’

When the answer is, ‘yes I have,’ what should come next?

Do MacDonald’s ever fail to offer a ‘Meal Deal’ or ‘fries’ or ‘a drink’. No, they never miss a chance to up sell.

Have you ever bought a pair of new shoes without being offered the,’ very special cleaning product’. Probably not…

How about the cinema’s that offer popcorn and drinks as you buy a ticket!

So, given that the world ‘up sells’ at every opportunity, what happened to Parts Department?

My guess is that we spent years telling staff to supply what was asked for, but we forgot the huge opportunity that goes with the additional items that can always accompany almost any main request.

It might be only, fixing bolts, washers or clips but all of this adds up and has a value in terms of revenue and profit.

Equally, a visiting trade customer should expect some help in leaving with all the components to do the job to completion. There is nothing more annoying than finding out that the gasket is not supplied with a replacement item and that another visit to the dealer or supplier is required.

Any Parts Manager or DP should be pushing hard for the associated sales to support revenue and profit. In a tough market, it is these additional sales that can mean the difference between achieving targets or not.

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