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Selling in the Service Department - Focus on Effective Service Advisors

May 20, 2014 by Mike Henshaw

What do we all want when we need to book our vehicle in for service?

Quick, efficient service? A fixed price to avoid a seizure when we call to collect the car!

Everything done on one visit? Someone we can trust to ‘do the right thing?’.

For most people a service visit is like paying an insurance policy. You pay out money for something that seemed to be already fine, and you get a piece of paper telling you that you need to come back soon and pay out some more!

Selling service hours is a skill that the automotive industry took a long time to wake up to.  Labour gross profits can hit 80% and related Parts sales can offer around 30%, so time in your workshop is a hugely profitable item to sell.

Training and coaching Service team to become professional sales people is within everybody’s reach and comes with a huge impact on dealership revenue and profit.

Done well, profits rise considerably, customers have a better experience, staff feel more in control and customer retention is supported.

So, why wouldn’t you do it?

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