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The Vehicle Sales Process - Focus on The Sales Process

May 20, 2014 by Mike Henshaw

So you want to sell more cars and earn more money eh?

I guess we have all learnt that most short cuts don’t work, ask anyone who’s built a flat pack wardrobe!

Over the years automotive sales professionals have learnt that following a proven process really does work.

Maybe it’s the familiarity of knowing that you’re in control, and knowing what comes next that works?

Maybe it’s the confident delivery that comes from a practiced and well delivered approach?

The truth is, the motivator will be different for different people. The one common issue is that having a Sales Process does work.

If we don’t train Sales Process, we can get ready for more lost sales opportunities, and reducing margins  as we lose the skill to negotiate, and the constant battle for customers as we fail to retain the one’s we have.

If Sales is your thing, you really do have to have a good understanding of the basics. By all means go ahead and adapt your approach, by adding your personality style to make it a comfortable delivery.

So, whether you are new to Sales or experienced, take a look at The Sales Process module we have and put yourself in a position to achieve.

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