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The ‘Diesel Debate’ - could it affect your used car sales?

The ‘Diesel Debate’ - could it affect your used car sales? August 05, 2014 by Mike Henshaw

The recent wave of anti-diesel sentiment should give the used car market pause for thought.
For years now diesel has been considered as the ‘smart buy’ with regard to fuel consumption and road tax, but something of a backlash is beginning.

Green campaigners, pollution experts and the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, have called on government to increase taxes on diesel fuel to tackle dirty air in UK cities.
They say a change is needed to the system of taxation because it currently favours diesel vehicles despite their having a much more severe air pollution impact than petrol cars.
Boris Johnson laid out plans recently for an effective doubling of the congestion charge for diesel cars within certain areas of London to around £20 and has said he will lobby central government for a change in taxation.
Fuel taxes on petrol and diesel are the same despite the latter giving higher miles per gallon, meaning diesel works out cheaper in taxation per mile travelled.

Environmental campaigners including Clean Air in London, Friends of the Earth, Greenpeace, Client Earth, as well as the the Green Party, Labour and the thinktank IPPR have all called for a reconsideration of diesel fuel taxes.

Over the last decade hundreds of thousands of Britons have converted from petrol to diesel on grounds of economy, efficiency and perceived environmental impact. In the first half of 2014, Britons bought 643,000 diesel cars, versus petrol sales of  621,000. (Alternative fuel vehicles, including hybrids and electric vehicles, registered just 23,300 sales).
That's a vast rise, since, at the turn of the millennium, diesels represented barely 15 per cent of the new cars sold in the UK.

The ‘diesel debate’ is one that sure to rumble on and is gaining column inches in our national press.
This latest assault on emissions could ultimately impact upon used car prices so certainly worth keeping an eye on this and monitoring customer attitudes.


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