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Selling Used Cars? Make sure you make the most of the online opportunity.

Selling Used Cars? Make sure you make the most of the online opportunity. September 18, 2014 by Mike Henshaw

Times have changed. A few years ago we confidently expected that a typical customer would visit at least four dealer locations in the search for a used car. Not anymore.

Now, it’s the online approach that has taken over, with hours of home research preceding the actual visit to a dealer. In fact, many customers do such a thorough job that they are likely to visit just one dealer.
So, car retailers really do have to explore and maximise the opportunity to reach out to customers online.

Here are some key tips backed up by recent research:

49% of buyers want at least ten or more images of each vehicle offered for sale.
43% won’t even look at the car if it has fewer than three images.

Rounding prices by £1 increases the chance of appearing in searches. An £8,000 car appears in searches from £7,000 to £8,000 and from £8,000 to £9,000. Price the same car at £7,999 and it will appear in only one search result.

57% of customers expect a response to an email enquiry within four hours and 36% expect a response to a voicemail message within one hour. Consider an ‘out of hours rota’ that aims to respond to internet enquiries as they come in. It is  typically the evening when people have time to carry out their research and this is where dealers can improve.

Make the most of social media For example, a Facebook page used effectively to post details of exciting and appealing new used car stock taken in to the dealership can deliver great results.

And remember...
Find a way to stand out from the crowd with your online presence.
Present used car stock well.
Respond quickly and professionally to all internet enquiries


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