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Been chilling in Dubai!

Been chilling in Dubai! October 07, 2014 by Mike Henshaw

I’m just back from a week working In Dubai. The humidity was around 60%, so pretty sticky! Given how hot it is was outside, I spent most of the week feeling quite chilly from the air conditioning!

The week was spent working with a premium brand on their Used Car programme. Whilst the pillars of the programme don’t change from market to market, there are always ‘local issues’ to consider. These may be economic, cultural, legal or financial but whichever it is, it’s always important to be aware of specific local issues and tailor our training and programmes accordingly. The days of ‘one size fits all’ have well and truly gone.

On this occasion our focus was on the detail of the programme and enabling the sales teams to implement it to best effect, coupled with how management can learn to extract the optimum value and profit from their used car operations whilst offering the customer a great experience.

The programme was well understood and we also took time to study the Key Performance Indicators that are so important in measuring and understanding this area of business. As ever, the true benefits of a strong Used Car programme need to be seen on Operational Management Accounts and balance sheets. Time will show how this part of the world grows into the valuable area of used car sales and performance.    


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