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Servicing choices - Dealer or Aftermarket and Independents?

Servicing choices - Dealer or Aftermarket and Independents? October 16, 2014 by Mike Henshaw

It has long been the case that, as their vehicle ages, many customers cease to even consider the main dealer for service and repairs and instead choose an Aftermarket option.
Why? Research has shown that there is a generally held opinion that main dealer service prices are much higher than the Aftermarket options, even though that may not always be true.
But dealers have fought back with Menu Pricing, Service Plans and special offers and can now show themselves to be a real and economic alternative to the  'Fast-Fit' and independent operators.

A recent study reported by AM ONLINE showed that it was only exhaust and brake repair charges that were significantly different, with dealers coming out as more expensive for these repairs.

Equally there is evidence that 'value' is more often the customer driver, as opposed to simple cost.

The Fast-Fits start their day with empty workshops, and work hard to fill their time each day.
This means that the telephone handling approach is vital to turn an enquiry to a physical visit and earning opportunity.
Equally the franchised-dealer Service Advisor role has grown and developed over the years and now must be seen as a 'selling position'.

There will always be service and repair business available.
It will be those who first grasp the opportunity with good value and competitive offers and then go on to provide a quality job with excellent customer service who will rise above the average performers.
If you want to improve your Service Selling skills take a look at The Effective Service Advisor programme on our Business School Coaching platform.

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