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As UK Government announces measures to improve the used car market, a strong and highly visible ‘Approved Used’ programme is vital.

As UK Government announces measures to improve the used car market, a strong and highly visible ‘Approved Used’ programme is vital. October 29, 2014 by Mike Henshaw

More measures are to be introduced to prevent consumers getting bad deals when buying used cars, the UK Government has announced.

This follows an investigation by the Government-appointed Used Car Commission into problems reported by consumers about the second-hand car sector which is valued at £38 billion with 7.1 million sales a year.

Consumer Affairs Minister Jo Swinson, who launched the commission last year, has called on the commission to implement wide-ranging proposals including:

- Closer cooperation between the police and trading standards to target organised criminals who steal vehicles for export, clone them or break them up for parts.

- The development of a minimum set of requirements for used car codes and trader approval schemes to ensure consumers are better protected.

- A focus on information gathering on used cars so current and emerging issues can be quickly identified and acted on by police forces and trading standards.

While the majority of second-hand car buyers will have a trouble-free experience, too many consumers are left with unresolved issues or out of pocket; the AA estimates that 750,000 consumers a year face unresolved problems with a used-car purchase, so it is clear why the commission's work is so important.

On the basis of these figures there is clearly a need to improve the landscape for both buyers of used cars and honest dealers and all franchised retailers will welcome any proposals to build more confidence in the Used Car Market.

The Used Car Market plays a massive role in UK economy and deserves to be taken seriously, especially as, so often, it is really the new car business with lower price tags. All manufacturers have an 'Approved' programme which provides customers with a huge amount of security, albeit at a premium.

Independent retailers, many of whom are probably already doing a good job in this respect, can follow the lead by putting in place additional – and demonstrable – checks and measures and by being seen to take on board the recommendations of the Commission when they are published.

And, having done the ‘right thing’ in terms of processes and procedures, the logical next step is to ‘shout’ about it in local and regional marketing activity.

Proven quality and integrity of service and is a powerful marketing tool.







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