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A generation that wants it now!

A generation that wants it now! December 02, 2014 by Mike Henshaw

Internet business, patience and learning. All these in one sentence?

Oh, how things have changed! As Christmas gets ever nearer the hustle and hassle of high street shopping is being replaced more each year by the armchair 'on-line' purchase approach.

We now buy goods and services on-line. We access news and communicate with our friends via social media. A recent report stated that we spend around 8 hours a day on media devices. More than most people spend asleep!

Online purchases are estimated at £107 billion for 2014, with around 21% of retail sales now being made online.

We now have a generation of impatient people that simply, 'want it now'. We demand a convenient way to buy and communicate. It needs to be on our terms and fit our lifestyle, 24/7.

As consumers, we demand easy-to-absorb information, an instant response to questions and fast feedback.

Once upon a time, 'late night shopping' was a novelty. Now, we are connected to opportunities all the time by a range of devices.

So, how quickly do you respond to information requests?

Peak time for dealer enquiries is between 6pm and 10 pm, weekdays and weekends. Customers have questions that need answering. How do you handle that?

There are an increasing number of dealers offering service booking online.

This is growing and almost expected by many customers. Are you up to speed here?

When it comes to selling product, response speed is key. Studies show that consumers are much more likely to buy if they are responded to quickly. 57% buy if contacted within 24 hours, dropping to 14% if the reply takes over 5 days.

It's sad to report that we still don't respond well to brochure and information requests, with one in five consumers saying they never even got a response.

Perhaps not surprisingly, it is the 18-24 year olds who have the least patience! 20% of these tell us that they lose interest and look at other options if not replied to within 24 hours

Dealers need to see that internet based enquiries are just as valuable as the showroom door opening. We just need to get used to it. These are 'hot leads' from people ready to buy.

We should remember that if we lose these new customers at the product purchase stage, we will also stand to lose the profit-rich Aftersales opportunity that comes with every new customer.

More customers, improved retention, a great customer experience. These are all messages we have heard for some time. Internet-based customer handling supports all of these.

It's all just a click away for those who embrace the changing world.

In just the same way as I've outlined above, our blog site and training platform provides 24/7 access to international training material for the automotive industry. Covering Sales, Aftersales and General Management, learning modules are short 7-10 minutes sessions, allowing individuals and teams to develop skills at a pace and time convenient to them.

Just take a moment to check what time of day it is that you are reading this and you will see what I mean!






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