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Ever wondered what the manufacturers would do if they ran a retail dealership?

Ever wondered what the manufacturers would do if they ran a retail dealership? February 11, 2015 by Mike Henshaw

Came across this article in Automotive Management of December 2014, which provides some succinct answers as to what senior people of some of the key franchises would do if they ran a dealership.

"If I was a dealer.." Manufacturer bosses have their say.
Automotive Manangement asked some of the key directors of car brands in the UK for their views on what they would see as their priority if they were in charge of a dealer group.
These are the responses...
"I'd be looking at the best performances achieved within that brand's franchise, and challenging myself and my team if we were not delivering the same. Regardless of which franchise you operate, why settle for anything less than being the best at it?"
Leon Brannan, Honda
"I'd ensure staff were completely au fait with all the new product that's coming. There's a lot of downward pressure on margins, so I would sell the vehicles for what you get on them, rather than what you get off them."
Mark Ovenden, Ford
"I would drive the sales team to pro-actively prospect for business by putting the product in front of customers both online and offline."
William Wang, MG
"I would put more focus on the evolution of digital. The showroom experience has to be an extension of the digital experience, so the dealer knows everything you have done at home already."
Ken Ramirez, Renault
"I would be looking to retain the staff who can deliver the best customer service. There's too much staff turnover in the network, particularly they key people who face customers every day. Dealers who solve that issue will benefit."
Paul Philpott, Kia
"I'd concentrate on the basics. It's very easy to get wrapped up in the sales growth and forget about processes. Ensuring staff have the right levels of training and understanding of the products is one of the best ways to ensure customer satisfaction."
Jim Wright, Nissan
So these are the key words and phrases to note:
-       Performance
-       Product knowledge
-       Digital
-       Staff retention
-       Customer service / satisfaction
-       "The basics"
-       Training

Nothing dramatically new here you might say, and you'd be right. Nevertheless the points are valid, even in such a dynamic industry.
We really are just talking about doing the basics, and doing them well. It will always be those who perform the basics consistently well, who achieve ahead of the others.
The PEP Business School focusses on the same basics described above.

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