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Taking lessons from Mickey Mouse.... ...what Chevrolet dealers are learning from Disney World

Taking lessons from Mickey Mouse.... ...what Chevrolet dealers are learning from Disney World March 02, 2015 by Mike Henshaw

Interesting to note that Chevrolet - by far the largest-selling brand owned by General Motors - has been sending its auto dealers to Disney World for the past four years.
As part of a programme that began in January 2011, Chevy sales teams participate in workshops in Orlando and Anaheim with the Disney Institute, Disney’s customer-service consulting division.
If you’ve ever been to Disney World and experienced the customer service one can understand why this makes sense. Although the Disney experience might not be to everyone’s taste it’s a certain fact that the focus is very firmly on the customer.
In essence, delegates to the ‘Mouse House’ are taught to act like theatre actors so that when they meet customers at the dealership, they’re onstage playing the gracious host.
The Disney training is part of GM’s broader post-bankruptcy strategy to turn car-buying into a more pleasant experience and is working hand in hand with a plan that also includes convincing dealers to undergo dealership renovations.
To GM, the training and renovations make sense; it essentially wants to apply the McDonald’s or Starbucks model to its dealerships, helping ensure car buyers get a positive and similar experience no matter which location they enter.
Alan Batey, the executive GM vice president, has designs on turning the car-buying process into a world class shopping experience and feels that with so many customers doing their research on the Internet in advance, car dealers have to be much more ‘tuned in’ to the customer - a salesperson’s role should be less about persuading and pushing and more about service and a pleasant, positive, informative, customer-focused experience.
Whilst a full-on Disney approach might not be exactly right for certain markets and countries, the basic premise certainly is. It’s all about listening to the customer and really hearing them, providing a solution that meets their needs and creating a ‘feel-good factor’ that delivers benefits in customer retention and aftersales.

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