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How much more could you sell?

How much more could you sell? March 19, 2015 by Mike Henshaw

I was interested to read in AM ONLINE that Charles Eveson, Managing Director of an Oxfordshire-based authorised Ford repairer will reveal lessons learned from nearly 40 years in the franchised and independent sector at the AM Aftersales Conference in April.
The piece talks about increasing sales from extended 'upselling' opportunities
For many markets, 'up-selling' in both Parts and Service Departments has become the norm. Many dealerships incentivise staff to look for the additional areas of opportunity and, indeed, I've delivered training for some manufacturers who have been alert enough to the value of extended sales and the Parts purchases that this drives through the manufacturer business - whilst supporting dealer revenue streams and profitability.
As ever, there is always room for improvement, and indeed the need to make a start for some businesses and markets.

If selling up in Aftersales is an area you need to improve, take a look at the Aftersales courses in the PEP Business School  These will provide the basic skills for anyone to sell more hours and Parts, and make more profit whilst delivering a great customer experience.
And if you need any convincing just email me. I've spent years training this topic worldwide and absolutely know that it works!!

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