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Investment in sales techniques is key...

Investment in sales techniques is key... April 10, 2015 by Mike Henshaw

Did you happen to read the article about the Lookers Group initiative which, to quote, says

"Motor group Lookers is trying to make its staff less like Del Boy and Rodney, and more like John Lewis partners.. as Chief Executive Andy Bruce works on employees’ sales tactics".

You can read the full article here at :

Ultimately it's a positive piece about this progressive group's intention to make the dealership experience much more pleasant and positive as part of a drive to build customer and brand loyalty – a subject very close to our hearts at PEP Business School too.

But if you read it through you'll spot a phrase which I feel bound to comment on (not to mention the Del Boy and Rodney description!)

The author of this text refers to salespeople as, ‘smarmy, pushy and ultimately untrustworthy’.

Ah, the poor old salesman is in for criticism yet again – and I do mean 'salesman' as the author goes on to say 'and they are almost always men'.

(On a separate note, I'd be really interested to hear from our female colleagues on the subject).

Salesman/salesperson, he/she is under attack in this very sweeping statement that may fit some individuals but is highly unjust for those who operate in a professional and supportive manner towards their customers.

Here's my take on the subject…

So, what is the correct way to interact with customers and sell both effectively and profitably? It’s a question that has been asked many times and one that has received varied answers.

The truth is that it is often an individual’s personality that is the key to progressing with a sale. Human skills of relationship building are still the key to developing a relationship with the customer that has a good chance of moving on to become a completed sale.

However, whilst personality is a key element of selling, a sound and proven ‘process’ is also vital. Following a tried and tested sales path is the way to succeed. Add a great individual personality to this and success is never far behind. I'm sure this is what Andy Bruce is aiming for.

The PEP Business School already has just that, providing access to an internationally proven, crafted sales process that has been developed from the best in the business over time – and it's available now. No need to wait for a corporate training initiative.

We can confidently promise this will be a successful approach, as long as it is followed and you allow your own personality to shine through.

Go to and check out the Sales Training we have there. Our brand new interactive, virtual training will give you, or remind you of, the template for sales excellence.

Gain access for as little as £19 per month and benefit from the courses and on line personal support from our team.

Use it to improve your skills and your earnings!

As a famous sportsman once said, 'The more I practice, the luckier I get'.



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