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Beyond Completely Satisfied...

Beyond Completely Satisfied... April 21, 2015 by Ian Wright

One of latest buzz phrases in our industry is “creating fans for our brand and business”.  My understanding of this is to have customers so happy that they, in effect, become part of your marketing team, positively advertising and promoting your business for you.

I realise that this is nothing new. We have been trying to engender brand and retailer loyalty for all time, but now it seems that this is more important than ever.  The advent of the digital era makes it so much easier for people to share their thoughts and views via Social Media sites such as Facebook and Twitter, so creating “fans” is a completely logical approach.

So what makes a customer become a fan?  Product clearly has its part to play, but with retailers competing with each other to sell the same things, what separates the best from the rest?  This question has been put to me hundreds of times during my work in coaching and training retailers.  In my opinion, the simple answer is people and process.  If you have fully trained and briefed staff working to a clear set of sensible processes, then delivering an exceptional service to your customers should follow.  Sounds simple doesn’t it, but clearly it is more difficult than we think, otherwise everyone would score 100% in Customer Satisfaction surveys and we know that doesn’t happen!

Our customers want more today, I frequently refer to them (and myself) as the “have it now generation”.  Unlike my parents, who would wait until they could afford to buy something outright, the culture now is that if you can afford the monthly payment, then it is affordable and they want it now or sooner!  They have immediate access to product reviews, retailer rankings and customer feedback instantaneously via computers, tablets and mobile phones.

As a result of this, the way staff interact at key touch points in the Customer Journey heavily influences buyer behaviours thereafter. This clearly illustrates the need for well-trained people working with well thought- out processes that makes doing business with you easy.  The icing on the cake is making the whole experience pleasurable for the customer. This can be influenced with appropriate incentive schemes that reward customer care as well as sales volumes, avoiding the stereo- typical approach of “forcing” customers to purchase vehicles or accessories that are not right for them, but suit the business because of circumstance at the time. This means creating a culture within your environment that ensures that people do the right things for the right reasons and that it is second nature.  I believe this is the start to creating customers who become fans of your business.

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