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Just back from delivering some used car training programmes in Dubai...

Just back from delivering some used car training programmes in Dubai... May 29, 2015 by Mike Henshaw

I'm just back from delivering some used car training programmes in Dubai and wanted to share this view of the magnificent Dubai marina with you - along with a few thoughts!
I first worked in Dubai about 15 years ago and have revisited many times since then. Each time I arrive I see yet another fabulous building reaching into the sky and shining like a huge diamond in the ever present sunshine.
Business has grown and developed hugely in that time, although the financial crash certainly impacted here as much as anywhere else. When the world's economy began to falter Dubai was put on hold, with many projects remaining incomplete or at best badly delayed.
However, no matter how tough it is, the world's economy does find a way to progress again over time and we all find a way of working our way through the tough periods.
My photo shows a small boy looking up incredulously at the monumental buildings that line the marina. How small and inconsequential he appears in this forest of glass and glitz. Yet it's still people who drive the change in the world. The buildings may be impressive but they are only there as a result of our success and development.
Our own personal development is what creates great things for ourselves and others.
Take time to understand your own needs and open your mind to developing new skills that will drive you on to be 'the best that you can be'.
I wonder what Dubai will look like when this little boy grows up?

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