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Making the most of the Aftersales opportunity...

Making the most of the Aftersales opportunity... June 01, 2015 by Mike Henshaw

How do we know if our Service Team are selling hours?
I don't like the term 'Aftersales'. The word itself makes it appear that all the selling has been done!
This couldn't be further from the truth. A service hour, including Parts sales, is the most profitable % sale you can make in the dealership. We just need to remember that we need to 'sell' service time, then 'up-sell' the many opportunities we have to extend the sale, and our revenue.
The conversation between a service customer and service advisor is mainly a private situation. So, if you are a manager, how do you know how your team perform? Do they up sell, or just take the initial enquiry on face value?
Well, the easy way is to look at the final job card. Why not make it a daily task to pick up a few of tomorrow's job cards and show some interest in what got them to this stage?
Take time to talk with your team and ask what the original work requested had been. Show some real interest in how your advisor managed to up sell, and add revenue for the business, whilst adding value for the customer. Remember to say, 'well done'! Praise is a huge motivator, and something we all like to receive.
As others hear the conversation, it will allow them to learn without being challenged. They will also want the praise and recognition that the first person got!
Another way to coach and improve the team is to, 'be around' service reception and just listen to how the team handles a call. It doesn't take long to hear and identify the same positive approaches that work, and equally the ones that are less effective.
When you've built up enough examples to discuss, you can choose between individual coaching, or a team discussion.
Never make these conversations a challenge or a criticism. If you do, the team will be demotivated and will not improve. Look for common agreement on how performance can be improved. Gain ownership from those involved, and do remember to praise and congratulate those who go on to prove that they have listened and adapted their style.

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