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Honda think 'inside the box' to superb effect...

Honda think 'inside the box' to superb effect... July 01, 2015 by Ian Wright

Congratulations to Honda on a superbly creative stand at this year’s Goodwood Festival of Speed, which featured full-size cars dressed up to look like gigantic toys in a display Honda dubbed the “Playset”.
Each car on the stand was encased in a structure styled to look like the packaging often used to contain model cars in toy shops, complete with transparent sections to show off each car.
The “boxes” were stacked on top of each other, with those on the lower levels of the stand “opened” to allow visitors to enter them and interact with the car on display.
The idea behind the stand, Honda said, was “to showcase the company’s curiosity with motor design and to bring it to life in an ‘adult scale’, as well as to celebrate “the moment when so many of us first fall in love with cars.”
Thinking outside the box turned inside out!

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