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Thought for the day - how nice are you to your co-workers?...

Thought for the day - how nice are you to your co-workers?... July 07, 2015 by Mike Henshaw

So you are keen to to do well at work. You work hard on your customer handling and sales techniques. You understand how to build trust and relationships with customers, how to establish their need and aspirations, how to make a connection, keep in touch… Hopefully a PEP Business School sales or aftersales course will have helped with all of that!

But how much do you invest in your relationships with co-workers and colleagues?

After all, they are the people we spend the most time with so isn't it important to nurture those relationships too?

Simply being nice to the people around you in small ways is a great place to start – and I don't just mean the people you already get along with. Include the people you may think you don't have much in common with because the important thing you really do have in common is your workplace – and hopefully the shared desire for it to be successful and prosperous.

Research shows that a happy workplace is a much more productive one – simple really.

I came across an interesting article that gives some simple tips on how to be nicer to your co-workers, nothing too demanding, time consuming or 'corny'.

Have a read and give it a try – here's the link…


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