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MG opens flagship store in London...

MG opens flagship store in London... July 24, 2015 by Mike Henshaw

MG is part of our automobile history and can trace its history back to 1924.
The brand became world famous for stylish cars that were fun to drive and own and many of us craved one of those great iconic sports cars from back in the day. I actually had one, and loved it! Great memories.
Then things changed dramatically, with that famous badge being used on various, and often quite 'ordinary', cars which lacked the iconic appeal of the true brand.
In recent years, however, MG has stepped on the accelerator again and in 2014 MG was the fastest growing brand in Britain as shown by official figures issued by the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders.
So, to this week and the opening of a new flagship store in Piccadilly London. MG will see this as a 'shop window' for current product and an opportunity to draw in interested prospective owners. There is even a highly anticipated SUV to come!
The brand has certainly moved in many directions in its illustrious history and here is yet another new chapter for us to enjoy.
Growing and developing is what we all need to do, whether you are a manufacturer and an individual.

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