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India Automotive industry predicted to grow 7-8% in 5-6 years, creating more jobs in retail segment...

India Automotive industry predicted to grow 7-8% in 5-6 years, creating more jobs in retail segment... July 30, 2015 by Mike Henshaw

Projections just released through ET Auto News by automotive industry experts in India predict healthy growth of 7-8% in the next 5 to 6 years. Good news for anyone working in that sector, then.
That same study, however, highlights a gap that this growth will present in terms of a skilled and well trained workforce, well equipped to maximise the opportunities.
More than ever, the role that dealerships have to play as a crucial part of the Indian automobile industry will be under the spotlight. We all understand that dealerships, and their staff, work as a bridge between the OEMs and the customers- ultimately helping the vehicle manufacturers to understand the needs and aspirations of the buyers. One of the key requirements to perform this role effectively is a well trained and knowledgeable workforce base.
Homogeneity of products further highlights the importance of workforce. Although automotive manufacturers will no doubt tell you differently, it has become harder to sell a product just by focusing on its features. Let's face it, most new cars are good quality, comparative value, look good and share similar characteristics and features. What really can make the difference is the people involved in the sales process.
The same survey predicts an even more rapid growth of premium segment, throwing up additional demands for 'polished' customer handling and negotiation skills.

I'll also drop into the mix that, now, when the vast majority of potential customers walk into the dealership they are already well informed and with preconceptions as a result  of the growth on online research. In many ways the prospective customer is prequalified but that doesn't mean the sale is as good as made.
In such a situation, when the customer may have a number of options of where to buy from - and perhaps a couple of different vehicle models they are considering -  it's down to the sales person to establish a rapport, to have the skills to understand the needs of the customer, to identify any additional opportunities that might exist, and to make the whole process pleasant and positive, clear and efficient.
In short, it's vital to have the Business to Consumer sales experience defined as a process, a process which the customer is guided through and which results in a positive outcome - a sale!

The Indian automotive industry is extremely progressive and alive to the challenges and opportunities currently on offer and indeed, has recently launched an Advanced Diploma in Automotive Retail Sales programme at the Global Academy of Automotive Retail Excellence (GAARE).
That's excellent news for anyone who is able to attend at the academy and is particularly pertinent for those just starting out in a career in the automotive industry.
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