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Has the world of technology truly got a grip of the automotive world?...

Has the world of technology truly got a grip of the automotive world?... February 11, 2016 by Mike Henshaw

So much has changed in recent years as technology increases its grip on the automotive world - and our customers.

We always used to quote three or four dealer visits for the average customer to make a choice. We expected them to need multiple visits to check out the various dealer options. Now we pretty much recognise that most customers do all the research they need at home, and often one trip to the dealer is all that is required. And that point, it really is up to you to get it right first time!

Once we built multi car showrooms to show off the full range of products. Now key players in the industry are utilising virtual showrooms, where technology takes a lead.

The typical location of our facilities is also changing. At one time large operations needed ground space, and lots of it. Now we see high street locations for new car sales, to capture the multitude of shoppers that are available in these busy locations. The Aftersales support continues to be located in the more typical 'out of town' areas, which remains acceptable to most customers.

Several manufacturers have tried the shopping centre route to market. This provides great exposure to the millions that pass through these places in a year, yet of course carries the cost of being in such a prominent place.

The ever changing world continues to impact on the way we do business.
Don't blink, the next new thing will be along in a minute!


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