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So what is that torque setting? The secret's out!

So what is that torque setting? The secret's out! February 26, 2016 by Mike Henshaw

For years the franchised manufacturer dealer workshops have been able to keep much, if not all of the factory technical information under wraps. This has meant that the independents have always been a little behind the game with their offer. Well, things are changing. The Independent Garage Association has been at work with our friends in Brussels, and the result is that garages who demonstrate their integrity will be certified to have access to all the functions required to service, repair and update modern cars. This of course has not been previously available to the non-franchised operators.
This is a big change for the industry and truly opens up the market to create an even more competitive environment. Whilst the franchised guys will wince a little, the independents will be raising the flag to celebrate this victory.
EU legislation coming into force will support the existing right of consumers to take their car, no matter how old, to any garage they choose. This means that the all-important customer retention and advocacy will be focused on service levels and customer satisfaction. Some might say it should have always been this way, but certainly it is the independents that will be rubbing their hands in glee at this change in legislation.


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