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Foundation Training for Sales Staff

Foundation Training for Sales Staff April 06, 2016 by Mike Henshaw

Finding and keeping good quality staff is a real challenge in dealership life.

No one doubts the benefit of recruiting Sales and Aftersales staff who are new to the industry.

They provide the dealer with a wonderful opportunity to develop and train, enthusiastic newcomers who come without the  bad habits picked up elsewhere

Once you have managed to recruit the correct people, you are faced with the urgent need to 'get them up to speed' as quickly as possible, so they can become effective and start to impact positively on the business.

Getting the basics over to develop staff members can be tricky. We want them to start well and with confidence, yet all too often new people aren't set up with the basic skills needed to succeed with customers.

Selling cars and dealing with Aftersales issues can be a great career choice, and offers the variety that comes from meeting new people with new challenges every day, and the satisfaction of being part of a team delivering great customer service.

It's your team that deliver the revenue and profit that everyone needs to be successful.

All dealer principals and sales managers understand this – but they don't always have the time or the ability to control events to provide dedicated, consistent and planned development for new recruits.

This is where the PEP Business School can provide the support you need.

Our virtual and interactive training platform provides the basic skills for Sales, Aftersales and General Management subjects.

Your team learn the best techniques from experienced, industry professionals, and they don't have to leave your premises.

The platform is Cloud-based access, with 24/7 access so that individuals can train at their convenience.

Each of the learning modules are quite short, (around 8 minutes) to support learning at every opportunity.

All the modules are delivered interactively, to keep it engaging and interesting.

The platform can be branded to your own company, and fits seamlessly into your existing Dealer Management Systems and provides Management reports that put you in control.

We also know that human interaction is important!

So, to support your teams we provide each enrolled person with email access to a PEP coach.

Our programme provides real, cost-effective support that 'you' can control and influence for your team.

We'd love to have you join us.

Please let me, Mike, know if you have any questions. Just contact me and I'll be delighted to help.

In the meantime, why not take a look for yourself at<>

And If you are interested in seeing more I can send a link to sample some areas.


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