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PEP getting a taste for India...

PEP getting a taste for India... March 09, 2017 by Paul Evans

PEP really enjoys working in India; various members of the team have been making regular trips in 2016 and also this year to deliver a programme authored by PEP for VW India.
It's interesting and stimulating work and, of course, the food is wonderful!
(We must confess that once back on home turf, our food can seem strangely bland and boring.)

PEP's Paul Evans was there just recently with VW India for a 2 day training module for the Retail Excellence Programme which PEP have developed and are now delivering.

The programme began in December 2016 with a group of 14 dealers and will now roll out to a second wave, including a study tour to the U.K. and Germany.

PEP is deploying 5 specialist lecturers to provide high level experience in all aspects of dealership management; Paul is pictured here, second right, with VW's Head of Dealer development and team members.


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