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Driving success at Used Vehicle Events

Driving success at Used Vehicle Events June 01, 2017 by Ian Wright

PEP Automotive pioneered manufacturer supported used vehicle events back in the 1990s and it is rewarding to see our concept still being used today to generate high volumes of sales or to deal with stock that is out of balance with current sales levels.

Retailing has of course changed since the 1990s, with technology and the internet playing a major part in how our customers interact with us and search for vehicles. So we have developed the PEP Automotive approach to event management to embrace these changes and advances using a new range of tools.

One of these, StockShare, is an interactive platform that enables manufacturers and retailers alike to present their event vehicle stocks to customers via a tablet device. This high quality medium means that vehicles do not have to be physically moved to the event location. In addition, our unique Sales League tool captures sales data, ensuring accurate measurement of the event’s success, whilst also providing motivation for the sales teams, as they log in to record their sales and work towards goals and incentive bonuses.

This is especially effective for multi-location events.

The success of the concept means that everyone is now running some sort of used vehicle event. However, outcomes are often very different and for that reason, it is worth revisiting the basics to understand how success can be guaranteed. The detail is in the planning and for this reason it is important to acknowledge that every market is different, every retailer is different and the motivation for running an event, whether it be to create a volume sales spike, or to clear overage or undesirable stock, needs an individual approach – it is NOT a one size fits all.

So, what are the basics that drive success?  Listed below are some of the key drivers to ensuring your event delivers the best possible result:

  • Clear objectives
  • Compelling consumer offer
  • Time limited event
  • Targeted use of available database
  • Customer follow up
  • Converted appointments
  • Structured marketing campaign
  • Well-presented stock (managed throughout the event)
  • Staff training for event responsibilities
  • Motivated sales team

PEP Automotive has run events across Europe for both volume and premium brands. If you want to ensure your event programme is a success, call the experts; contact Ian Wright:


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