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Ian's gone to Iceland...

Ian's gone to Iceland... June 21, 2017 by Ian Wright

As the UK swelters in a heatwave, Ian's gone to Iceland - and it's not the freezer aisle of his local store!
Here's his latest despatch...

"Once again working with our client, Jaguar Land Rover European Importer Markets, assisting with the implementation of the Global Approved Used Car Programme, this week has seen me in spectacular Iceland.
A fascinating market. With a population of 330,000 people, 80% of whom are located within a 100km of the capital, Reykjavik, I was lucky enough to be given a short tour of the island before commencing our work. What an amazing place! With a landscape that often resembles what I imagine the moon looks like, active geysers spurting water and vapour and sleeping volcanos it is unlike anywhere I have ever been before.
The car market is similarly extreme. Recovering from an all time low in 2008/9 of circa just 2000 new units sold, the Icelandic people are now registering in the region of 20,000 new cars per year, but incredibly nearly half of these are rental cars to support the massive influx of tourists now visiting the island - in 2003, around 300,000 visitors but the forecast for 2017 is 2.5 million!!!

If you haven't already visited Iceland, add it to your list. I promise you will have never been anywhere like it, but be prepared for an island of extremes; it doesn't go dark in the summer months (as I found out during my stay), it doesn't really get light in the winter months, the weather in June has felt like March in the UK and everything is expensive!"

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