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PEP Automotive Announces Corporate Identity Rebrand..

PEP Automotive Announces Corporate Identity Rebrand.. June 22, 2017 by Lynne Dawson

We work in an industry that can't afford to sit on its laurels; we all understand that the automotive industry is dynamic and competitive.

And, as consultancy, training and business development specialists to the automotive industry we're all about helping our clients to keep ahead of the game - challenging preconceptions, the way things have been traditionally done, always looking for continuous improvement and ways to stand out from the competition.
It makes sense that those same principles should apply to our own company.
So we've taken time out to take an objective look at what we do and how we present ourselves to our target market.
The result is a dynamic rebrand, designed to reflect the company’s progressive and innovative approach, our position as a leading marque in our field, and also a range of unique specialisms.
Key colours of red and silver grey combine to give the main PEP Automotive brand a very stylish, polished look, with a memorable 'badge' taking centre stage.
Our new brand is consistent with the motor industry’s dynamic technology-based profile  - and also our own digital expertise, which adds another valuable dimension to the service offering.
A family of colour-coded brands has also been created to align with specific areas of our activity, including PEP Auto Apps - specialist digital tools for industry, and PEP Business School - offering online training and mentoring.

Our Chairman, Paul Evans, has commented “We are all delighted with our new look and feel it reflects the contemporary, innovative and progressive approach we adopt to delivering solutions and performance improvement to automotive manufacturers, importers, dealer networks and dealer groups. We work globally, currently in Europe, the Middle East and Asia, with key clients across the spectrum of the market including BMW, Jaguar and Land Rover, Toyota, Volkswagen and Kawasaki. The brand is an instantly recognisable icon which will work well across all these markets”.

In line with the rebrand, we have just launched a new website, responsive to desktop, tablet and mobile devices. Take a tour, and sign up for our e-newsletter while you are at it!

And just in case you are wondering, this site is next for the update!

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