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Reading the Rights Act with Kawasaki!

Reading the Rights Act with Kawasaki! July 05, 2017 by Mike Henshaw

This week I have been working with our Kawasaki friends, completing some dealer coaching.

Kawasaki are a really proactive business in terms of dealer network support and coaching.

Our topic on this occasion allowed us to discuss some of the changing and challenging legal positions that must be understood for successful customer handling.

More specifically, time was given over to discussing the Consumer Rights Act. This is not always an easy subject, but one that needs to be well understood by customer facing staff. 

In a world where Google research is often used by customers to gain an overview, which has on occasions led  them to challenge situations that may have gone unnoticed previously, accurate knowledge is a must for successful business operations – as are the skills to present the facts properly.

Recognizing and understanding terms such as Product Quality, Fit for Purpose and As Described, needs some time, effort and concentration.

The motorcycle industry continues to enjoy the fruits of selling product via the internet, so a working knowledge of the Act is very useful for these proactive operators.

A good day, full of useful debate and discussion from those attending.

(And I love my shirt – thanks folks!)

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